Monday, July 03, 2006

☆★Mr.M's lecture★☆

First,I leaned about important things to be a teacher.
For example, to greet students cheerfully, to speak to students by myself, to have a lot of experience, to smile. I understood these are important things for teachers.
I thought that teachers should be active, should not be shy. Teachers should speak to students and teach cheerfully.

Second, we thought about necessary things for English teachers.
Our group thought "those are to speak English well, not to speak Japanese, to enjoy English, to praise students.
Mr.M praised us " Everyone understand about important things well !"

Third, we watched video.
I leaned new thing. It is "ジグソー学習"(Sorry, I don't know this word in English.). Mr.M made four groups in class. And he gave the assignment each groups.
By "ジグソー学習", everyone were given the assignment . So everyone were not boring then.
I understood pair work and group work are very important again.

Finally, I thought not only teachers make the lesson. Everyone (Teacher and students) make the lesson.


Blogger JH said...

Chocolate Ice Cream,
I really liked the last point you made. I completely agree with you.
By the way. ジグソー学習 is "jigsaw learning".

4:27 PM  

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